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Practice Highlights include

  • Board Certified and Fellowship training in Rhinology (sinus disorders) and Otology (ear disorders) providing tertiary care level (University level care) services in such field.
  • Offer sinus treatment from complex surgeries to minor quality of life improving office procedures using video nasal endoscopes. In addition, allergy services are offered to assist with the overall spectrum of sinus treatment.
  • Offer surgeries for Otologic (ear) disorders including Tympanoplasty (exploring space behind ear drum and repairing ear drum), Mastoidectomy (surgery for the sinus behind the ear), Cochlear implant and Bone anchored hearing aid (Hearing rehabilitative surgeries), surgery for dizziness, surgery for tumors involving the temporal bone.
  • Audiological services to assist with ear disorders in a multidisciplinary fashion along with providing non-surgical improvement in hearing loss.
  • Physical therapy is available to help treat loss of balance due to vestibular disorders.

About US

Our Practice

Located in Northwest Indiana, our practice is headed by two ENT Surgeons supported by an array of support staff including audiology, allergy, and physical therapy. The practice is located just 35 minutes from downtown Chicago. The practice uses EPIC electronic medical record system that communicates with most major hospital systems allowing improved continuity of care.


Dr. Kartike Gulati


Dr. Shridhar Ventrapragada


Dr. Dianna Galvin


Sheree Richardson